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Soul Sketches and Poetic MUSEings


It’s been a while since I shared my MUSEings.

from my journal to you…



I am HOLY,

a sacred INCARNATION of love


inhaling only love

exhaling only love

exuding only love

emBODYing only love


Love is my RELIGION.

sacred image



I am the sun and the shadows that it casts,

the moon and the darkness it illuminates,

the raging waves and the tiny ripples in the ocean


I am  every paradox, parallel,

polar opposite, twin flame,

every reflection

all wrapped into ONE,

ONE me which is you

which is ONE…


the ONEness of it all.


~ Betty Larrea © October 2013

Red Hot & Holy Poem


I have been reading Sera Beak’s new book Red Hot & Holy and she has been blowing my literary mind and igniting my soul! Her words are raw, sensual and poetic, giving one an intimate glimpse into a woman’s journey to (re)connect with the Divine Feminine.  This is Sera’s own Love Story, but it could be mine or any woman’s story.

The book has been inspiring me to delve deeper into myself and embrace the fullness of my co-creative power as both a woman and a poet(ess).

Red Hot and holy Sera Beak

When a woman awakens to her feminine power, she awakens to her own divinity.  I have always known that my poetry was born of my soul, but I have never felt my own soul so alive until now.

I can feel this fire blazing inside, the words overflowing, like red hot lava pulsing through my veins.

In all my years of spiritual seeking, evolution, transformation, I have not felt closer to my essence…to knowing her, listening to her, BEING her and allowing her to blossom into her fullest expression.

Love is HERE.

I am HOME.

I will be posting some of my new poetry soon, but I leave you with this…

I was made to love (and be loved)

YOU made me this way 

YOU made me to weave webs

of love with my words

© 2013 Betty Larrea

Following My Muse


Muse Bradbury Quote

I used to think that I needed inspiration to write poetry, to make art, to create something.  

Lately, I have been rather uninspired, waiting for the feelings to rush over me so I could make something out of them.  But, feelings don’t work that way…you can’t will them or force them to come, as much as you can’t tame and control them when they do.  The past few weeks, I have been allowing my feelings to “be”, to come and go, no resistance, no judgment…while easier said than done.

And so it is with inspiration.

I have been writing new poetry.  The words come slowly, sometimes I need to wait for them.  All this is new to me,  I am so used to just pouring my feelings out, channeling them into my writing.  Yet, I am evolving and so is my poetry.  I am learning to relish the sweet anticipation of what is to come…

My writing is a reflection of me, of my soul, I breathe life into my words.

Right now there is mostly silence inside, some waves, but no turbulence, this too is new.  I am riding the waves, and every once in a while, the words bubble up inside and I catch them with my pen.

I am letting my MUSE guide me, she knows where I am going…