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There’s still time to register for tomorrow’s  online training and will be hosting 2 free training calls this month!
This is an invitation for all kids yoga, dance, movement teachers or anyone who has a unique program you are eager to share
with children.
Are your struggling to fill your classes and promote your kid’s yoga/dance/movement program?


Are you intimidated or by the idea of running a business and approaching potential clients?


Are you ready to increase enrollment and attract clients who appreciate what you are offering?












You may have all the resources you need to teach your program to children, but the idea of running a business may scare you a little.  


I can help because I have been there. 


In all my years of growing two children’s yoga businesses from scratch, I have learned what works and what does not work.  I developed this training to guide you through an effective step by step program to grow a fruitful kids yoga business.    


You will learn to plant the seeds, nurture them and watch them grow naturally and organically into YOUR vision.  


This “playshop” will provide all the tools you need to develop and launch your kids yoga or service business while having fun!


If you are READY to share your vision with children and grow your business, come play with me!


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What People are Saying:

What People are Saying:

“Before participating in the Grow Your Fruitful Kids Yoga Business Playshop, I didn’t really know how to put myself out there in the right way to show my talent and passion for teaching yoga to children. Through this informative training, I figured out which path to take to build my yoga business.  Betty provided coaching in business development, setting my rates, defining my mission and approaching potential clients.  Since the workshop, I have attracted 3 new classes and more to come! I highly recommend Betty’s training to anyone who wants to grow and promote their children’s yoga business.”

~Natasha, Children’s Yoga Teacher and Personal Health Coach New York City

“Betty is an intuitive yoga mentor that gets down to the nuts and bolts of what you need in your business. Following our one-on-one coaching call, I was able to provide viable options regarding payment for classes and not sell myself short.  Working with Betty has been so inspiring and has allowed me to tap into the clarity I required to pursue my children’s yoga specialization in Italy this year.  I also created a vision board using her Visioning tutorial and thoroughly enjoyed manifesting my business desires on paper.  Betty is a powerful and heart-based coach to have on your side.”

~ Katie Louw, Owner/Director of Over the Rainbow Yoga  Christchurch, New Zealand

Sticker Yoga Fun



I remember having a sticker collection when I was a kid and begging my mom for a pack of stickers whenever we went to the stationery store. To this day, I still love using stickers to make gift wrapping and card giving special.

That’s why one of my favorite (and most inexpensive) props for my yoga classes are stickers.  

They come in a variety of shapes and characters…and kids love ‘em!!  You can use stickers to teach any yoga theme …

animals, insects, flowers, trees, transportation, dinosaurs, super heroes

the possibilities are endless…

Stickers are also great for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas and make an extra special treat for the kids to take something home from yoga class!  

The best part about stickers is that you find them at your local Dollar Store or Target in the seasonal or stationery aisle.  Here are some I found at Dollar Tree for Valentine’s Day!


Stickers make for a super easy lesson plan because each child gets to choose their favorite sticker and lead the class in the yoga pose. Sometimes they even get to make up their own poses for animals that are not a yoga pose and that is sure to bring lots of laughs!

Part of the fun of teaching yoga is remembering the simple things that put a smile on a child’s face.


Sleep Big Bear Yoga


sleep big bear

Winter lesson plans would not be complete without a Hibernation Theme, which is a great way to introduce the idea of the resting and stillness component of yoga  to children.  I found another great library book which I got to use in some of my classes last week.

SLEEP, BIG BEAR, SLEEP by Maureen Wright is an amusing tale of a bear who confuses all of Old Man Winter’s warnings to go to sleep with some silly mixed up instructions, like Drive a Jeep, Dive Deep, Climb a Mountain Steep…which takes him on a wild and wacky adventure!

SleepBigBear bumble bees

There are lots of yoga poses and fun movements in the book, including:








and more…

Of course the best part of the book is when the bear  finally hears Old Man Winter yell


This is also the perfect lead in to SAVASANA, where the children got to experience some quiet time to rest their bodies and minds like the bear.  To ease them out of relaxation time, I asked children to give themselves a BIG BEAR HUG while turning over to come into fetal position.

The book was a big hit with the kids and we all had lots of laughs and yoga fun!

Peace Begins Inside


In honor of Martin Luther King’s Birthday, this week’s theme in my classes was PEACE.

I have been meaning to try one on Todd Parr’s books in my classes and found this awesome one called The Peace Book.


The colorful, quirky illustrations really capture the spirit of diversity and each page has a positive message about the many ways we can create PEACE in the world.

We began with a discussion about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The children shared about his “dream” for all people to get along and be nice to each other.  I explained that we could help this dream of peace come true by finding that peaceful place INSIDE through our yoga, OMs, breathing and meditation.

The book has lots of YOGA POSES:

We swam like Sharks and  Fish, splashed with our Elephant trunks, slithered around like Snakes, barked in Downward, Upward and 3 Legged Dog, turned into a Buttefly (caterpillar), stretched out while Painting the Sky, offered a HUG to a friend and more… It was so cute to see the children expressing their love for one another.

peace is being different

The message at the end is that each one of us can help make the world a better place!

After SAVASANA, I played Elizabeth Mitchell’s Peace Like a River, which is a catchy, beautiful song that can be done with actions for younger children (see video below).  For the last verse, we all held hands and made a CIRCLE of PEACE. I let them know that we can share the PEACE we have insdie with everyone around us and create PEACE in the world.

A Perfect SNOWY Day!


perfect day book

We has some more Snowy Yoga Fun with this great book A Perfect Day by Carin Berger.

On another trip to my local library (where I have been spending some time perusing the children’s books like I used to as a child), I discovered this great book to use in my classes this week.  It never ceases to amaze me how a simple book can turn my yoga classes into a magical field trip to wild and wonderful places! Children just love it when they get to go out on a winter adventure even in the warmth & coziness of their own classroom…

We started class with a Winter’s Breath…I asked the children to take a deep breath in and place their hands out in front of their faces so they could feel the warm air as they exhaled.  Then we did a cute SNOWFLAKE MOVEMENT warm-up where we pretended to move and twirl and fall like snowflakes to the ground to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which can be found on the Intellidancing Youtube page.

The illustrations in A Perfect Day have a vintage collage and playful feel to them and the kids loved all the fun winter activities and yoga poses we got to explore together.

Here are just some of the fun YOGA POSES and MOVEMENTS they loved:



Skiing in CHAIR


Snowball Fight

Building Snowman GROUP POSE  (children in CHILD’S POSE for base,  some kneeling and making BALLOON BELLY BREATHS and the rest standing with arms outstretched in a circle around them)

Snow Fort (children lined up in two rows with arms outstretched to make a ROOFTOP while one child went inside FORT)

Sledding on our YOGA MAT SLEDS

Snow Angels (Movement then RECLINING STAR POSE)

Lanterns (CANDLE)

Warm Hugs (Give yourself a HUG)

Hot Chocolate (Stirring with ARM CIRCLES)



Then I played some soothing music and did a guided visualization which they really enjoyed.  Even a snowy day can be an opportunity to take kids on a magical yoga journey!

FREE Training Call this Wed Jan. 8th


New Grow-Kids-Yoga-Biz Banner

After the success of my live playshop last June, I was inspired to make this training available to as many children’s yoga and movement teachers as possible,  I am excited to share what I know to help you grow a fruitful business so that children everywhere can benefit from your programs. Many of you expressed interest in an online version of the training and I spent much of the summer developing and integrating all the information you will need to grow your business in SIX SIMPLE STEPS!

Join Us for this FREE 30 Minute Training Call

When: Wednesday, January 8th, 2013 8pm EST

On this call, I will be sharing STEP ONE of this 6 Step Training.

You will discover how to:

      flower bullet Create your own unique vision for your yoga program and business
 flower bullet  Identify your niche audience who will be drawn to your services
 flower bullet Craft a mission statement that effectively communicates your message

To Register for this FREE CALL

CLICK the SIGN ME UP button on this page:

This Playshop is for you if:

You have completed your yoga certification or children’s yoga training.

You are excited about bringing the joy and benefits of yoga to children.

You are  intimidated about running a business and approaching clients.

You are ready to increase enrollment so you can fill your classes and attract more clients.

You may have all the resources you need to teach yoga to children, but the idea of running a business may scare you a little.  I can help because I have been there. In all my years of growing two yoga businesses from scratch, I have learned what works and what does not work.

I developed this training to guide you through an effective step by step program to grow a fruitful kids yoga business. You will learn to plant the seeds, nurture them and watch them grow naturally and organically into YOUR vision.  This “playshop” will give you all the tools you need to develop and launch your yoga business all while having fun!

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